Raf Raf shoes come with a 90-day warranty against major tearing or damage to any fabric or rubber outsole stitching due to defective manufacturing. 


Why do we give 90-day warranty?

Children, on average, runs much more than adults do. Especially when they’re having fun. The normal wear & tear in children’s shoes are a lot more extensive than adults, in those short few months. Thus durable shoes are a necessity and many fans of Raf Raf would attest to our enduring quality. That’s why we would dare to offer a Warranty to customers, when nobody else would. 

How to claim the warranty?

If you encounter such rare cases of manufacturing defects, pls email customer@rafrafbaby.com with photos of the damaged shoe and we will send you a new pair. It's that simple. 

Not included in warranty:

- velcro 
- zipper
- shoelaces / eyelets
- non-slip marks on outsoles
- decorations like ribbon, flower, rubber strips
- cut in fabric due to accidents
- insole damage from wear & tear and/or washing