Raf Raf Shoes Lightweight Flexible Comfort Guaranteed

Raf Raf Shoes Lightweight Flexible Comfort Guaranteed



Raf Raf Bratz now come in Version 2.0 with its new Lightweight Technology, which are 30-50% lighter than many other kids shoes. The ST series, which is the lightest of the lot, are only 69-73g per shoe, depending on size.


As children tend to run, squat and jump a lot, a pair of flexible shoes allows them freedom of movement. Raf Raf children shoes are one of the most flexible shoes, without compromising on a steady flat sole. Some brands sacrifice flexibility to allow for hard, steady soles.

Sturdy, Non-Slip & Flat Soles

Sole experts advise that parents should choose flat soles for their children. This allows children to place their feet firmly on the ground and not “tip-toe” when they walk. At the same time, non-slip soles ensure that children are safe even when running on slippery surfaces.

Thick, Comfortable Insoles

Raf Raf Shoes Lightweight Flexible Comfort Guaranteed
This is one of the favourite features of most parents. When you hold a pair of Raf Raf Bratz, press your two thumbs against the insole to feel the softness and comfort of thick insoles. Just like adults like a comfy cushion in our shoes, kids too will appreciate thick cushioning especially when they run. The thick insoles also help to absorb shock impact when the kids jump or run, resulting in less strain on their legs.

Zero Drop

Don't be mistaken that the rubber outsole looks thick on the exterior! This stitching is what makes the shoes sturdy and durable. The interior of the shoe is very close to the ground (this is what it means to be zero drop), enabling kids to run freely like barefeet! Zero drop shoes are considered to be the most comfortable to wear.

Washable Shoes

Children’s feet sweat much more than adults, especially in tropical climates. Hence many parents complain of their children’s “stinky feet” :) This can be reduced with Raf Raf’s washable shoes and insoles. The shoes can even be thrown into the washing machine to be washed! Washing shoes and insoles is now easy and convenient!