"No More Tripping" - Happy Running Shoes.

For a toddler under 3 years old, running and tripping is treated as normal.

Parents just brush it off, but wonder why their toddlers can run perfectly at home, and yet still fall down when running outside with their shoes.

Here's the Truth:
Toddlers trip and fall only for 3 reasons.
1) Shoes too big.
2) Anti-Slip too strong and toddlers fail to lift their shoes in time.
3) Shoes structure not flat or don't fulfill Zero Drop conditions.

As you can see, the 1st 2 reasons are preventable.
The 3rd reason is dependent on the shoe structure design.

Raf Raf Shoes are created and designed to be Zero Drop, or flat shoes.
Plus our design allows our baby's feet to be parallel & close to the ground.
Replicating, as much as possible, a condition that is close to walking barefoot on the ground.

And why is this important?
Because almost all babies learn their walking skills, barefoot at home.

When parents buy them their 1st pair of shoes, they try to adapt and transition to walking on a pair of shoes.

In the first 2 years of this moment, if their shoes are elevated at the heel area, as most sports shoes do, they will tend to fall forward, resulting in a trip and fall.

This may have an unintended result for some toddlers, into not liking to run, out of fear of falling.

This happens because their young bodies have not learned how to compensate instinctively to the change in elevation at the heel area.

And that's why Raf Raf is different from all other brands out there.

Because this has been our philosophy - in creating soft & comfortable shoes.
Plus Zero Drop shoes that allows our toddlers to run happily at will, and to enjoy running as a result.

And you know what?
All children are psychologically attuned to love running naturally.

It's just in our DNA.
So what we're doing is simply providing a platform for our children to run Happily and let them express themselves freely.

That's why we call ourselves - HAPPY RUNNING SHOES.

Just watch Thaddeus, a 2 year old boy running happily in the video below:

The above video was given to us by a happy and observant mummy, who realized her son just love to run on our Raf Raf shoes, and naturally just giggles and laughs a lot more when wearing our shoes.

In fact, he calls his shoes - Happy Shoes :)

Just try any of our Raf Raf Bratz shoes to see and feel the difference.

Raf Raf Shoes are designed to be Soft Sole, Comfortable, Durable and Machine Washable.

Being the Children Shoes Specialist since 2012, we have the experience and expertise to design and make shoes that suits children under 6 years old.

The shoes used in the video is a S138 White.