Adeline K: Received the shoes within 3 days. Even though it’s high cut, it actually feels quite soft. I like that there is a flap to cover the zipper to prevent it from scratching the skin. My son loves his new shoes.  

Wendy Lim Love this Raf Raf shoes. This is my second pair of the same design. It’s so easy to wear my son wears it himself at school and doesn’t need anyone to help him :) very very comfy. 

Jason Tham Easy to wear and the cushion feels very soft and comfortable.. my son has been wearing Raf Raf shoes since he was 1.

Eric T Nice and comfortable! I like that it’s unique and my boy loves it!

Agnes Loh Arissa loves the shoes. They are so comfy that she can run so fast with them. Raf Raf shoes are her favourite now :)

Zhang Shuxian Nice Shoes!

Jelyn Ng My son has been wearing Raf Raf shoes and he loves them! This pair of hi-cut is his 3rd Raf Raf. Very sporty and cool looking. Thanks for the fast delivery.  

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