Design: S040 Color: Blue Size: Euro 20 to 24

Please see size chart if you're unsure of size.

A fun shoe with weather elements! Your child can learn about the sun, rain and rainbow while playing in this pair of cute Bratz! Special Features: - Slip-in Boat Canvas with Non-slip Soles & Back Padding - Soft Flexi Soles, Thick Cushion, and Removable Insole (to wash) - Unique Left-Right Different Design - Available for 1-3 years old Raf Raf Bratz Designed for active children 1 to 6 years old, Raf Raf Bratz is soft-sole, comfortable and cool. Its flexi-soles bends together with the feet, and its thick cushioning absorbs the impact when children run in them. Raf Raf Bratz promotes natural foot growth. Many children after wearing Bratz do not want to take them off!  Great for running, playing and fun!