6pc Starter Pack Bamboo Cloth Diapers

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Raf Raf Cloth Diapers, a re-washable 2-part diaper system

With 100% Cooling Bamboo Fabric Inner Lining
& Signature Charcoal Bamboo Pre-fold Stay-Dry Insert

Always sold out during baby fairs, this is your chance to order and ensure you get your hands on this comfortable and absorbent cloth diaper.

  • Highly absorbent charcoal bamboo insert dries within 1 minute after baby pees, preventing diaper rash
  • One size fits from newborn to 3 years old
  • Colour-coded snap-on buttons makes buttoning a breeze (we do not recommend velcro as even high-quality velcro spoil within 6 months with machine washing)
  • PUL waterproof cover and comfy leg gussets prevent leaks
  • Bamboo fabric is ultra soft and is the most breathable and cooling cloth diaper, even for hot climates
  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal & Chemical Free
  • Save up to $2,500 in diapering costs compared to disposable diapers
  • Easy to wash and fuss free for busy parents
  • One insert can absorb up to 4 hours, using both inserts can last 6-8 hours
  • New Anti-Leak Prefold Charcoal Bamboo Insert, PROVEN to prevent leaks
  • No more nappy rash headaches!
  • 1 year warranty on buttons
  • Designed in Singapore - 1st bamboo cloth diaper since 2009!

New! No more fumbling over same colour buttons.
Colourful Button System makes buttoning easier! 


Raf Raf Cloth Diaper System is different from pocket cloth diapers because the inserts are placed on top, not into, the cover. You can choose not to change the diaper cover if it's unsoiled, thus saving you more money from buying excess diaper covers.


This 6pc Starter Pack comes with 6 organic bamboo covers, 6 prefold anti-leak charcoal bamboo inserts, 6 organic bamboo night inserts. Suitable for Part-Time Use (18-24 continuous hours) cloth diapering.


For detailed explanation on how Raf Raf Bamboo Cloth Diaper works, click here.


Optional Items: BIG SAVINGS when you buy inserts/diaper liners with the cloth diapers

1) Raf Raf Eco-Bamboo 2-in-1 Diaper Liner cum Wipe - Put a sheet on diaper liner on the charcoal bamboo insert in case baby poops! If soiled, just flush or discard into bin. Saves time and makes cloth diapers easy to wash.

2) Add Only $33 (UP $44.70) for 3pcs of Pre-Fold Anti-Leak Charcoal Bamboo Inserts (CBI)

Why add more charcoal bamboo inserts? Cos if the diaper cover is not soiled, you can simply change out the CBI and the cover can be reused one more time.

Comes with 1 year warranty on buttons

Colours: If you have a preference for any colours, you can indicate your colours' selection in the Message Box during Checkout.

6 Cloth Diaper Covers + 6 Charcoal Bamboo Pre-Fold Inserts + 6 Organic Bamboo Inserts

Important Note:

As our stocks move very fast, we will send you the latest colour list to choose from (printed designs & plain designs total about 15-20) once order is confirmed.

Raf Raf Shoes go by European size. To choose the right size,

  1. Measure your child’s (longer) foot from longest toe to heel in centimetres.
  2. For 1-3 years old, add 1cm for allowance. This is enough allowance even for socks.
  3. For 3-6 years old, add 1cm to 1.5cm for wriggling room. 
  4. Check the size chart for the corresponding EUR size.
  5. If you are still unsure, please feel free to email us at customer@rafrafbaby.com.
    Our customer support will be happy to help you.