Bamboo Potty Training Pants - Adjustable Size (1-3 Years Old)

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Raf Raf Reusable Bamboo Training Pants are made with the brand's signature silky soft and cooling bamboo fabric in a Y-front, pull-up design. The centre portion has an absorbent padding, hidden within the comfortable bamboo lining. Specially designed to allow toddlers to feel wetness to aid potty training, while minimizing accidents.

Available in One Adjustable Size (5-18 kg), it is breathable, light and waterproof. Great option for parents who have used disposables and need to wean the child off diapers.

  • Concealed inner pad for super absorbency
  • Bamboo fabric that is very soft and comfortable
  • Promotes independence with pull-up style design
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried
  • Breathable, anti-static material that lasts against fading
  • Lightweight daytime use
  • Adjustable size from 5-18 kg
  • Great option for parents who have used disposables and need something to help kids differentiate between diapers and potty trainers
  • For ages: 12 mths to 3 year olds.

More About Bamboo Fibre:

- Bamboo is 30% more absorbent than cotton.

- Bamboo absorbs bad odour and toxic substances from water.

- Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.

- Free from toxic chemicals, fragrance and alcohol

- Machine washable. Place in laundry net for longer lifespan.

    Raf Raf Shoes go by European size. To choose the right size,

    1. Measure your child’s (longer) foot from longest toe to heel in centimetres.
    2. For 1-3 years old, add 1cm for allowance. This is enough allowance even for socks.
    3. For 3-6 years old, add 1cm to 1.5cm for wriggling room. 
    4. Check the size chart for the corresponding EUR size.
    5. If you are still unsure, please feel free to email us at
      Our customer support will be happy to help you.