Baby Dash CF Microfibre Insert

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Eco-friendly, Economical & Safe for Baby Skin!

The Baby Dash Cloth Diapers are all-in-two pocket diapers that are designed to stay dry, be economical and easy to use, even for new mums & dads or grandparents with little or no experience in Cloth Diapering. One Adjustable Size for 3-15 kg.

In general, a pocket style diaper has a pocket opening between the outer waterproof shell (or cover) and the inner layer that touches baby’s skin. You can place the insert inside this pocket opening. Pocket style diapers are the most popular style of cloth diapers and don’t require any additional covers.

The lining that touches your baby is a soft, stay dry, microsuede fabric that is designed to gently wick moisture away from your baby's skin. Baby Dash utilizes microsuede due to its natural performance to stay and keep dry, while at the same time is thin and breathable. Compared to micro fleece which is hot and causes heat rash, microsuede is suitable for Singapore weather.

  • The diaper cover is made from a comfortable & waterproof yet breathable material that will guard against leaks.
  • Leg gussets are stretchy, gentle with back elastic that keeps the poo in and helps to further prevent leakages.

The diaper cover has an opening or pocket specially designed to stuff an insert into. The insert absorbs the wetness and pulls that moisture away from your baby's skin. If your baby needs more absorbency for naps or overnight, extra inserts can be added to the pocket. You don't have to worry about wetting the bed because the cover is waterproof!

Baby Dash Cloth Diapers will fit babies from 3-15 kg, newborns to 3 years old. This trim fitting diaper is easy to use and grows with your baby by adjusting rise snaps on the front of the diaper. The front closures allow you to adjust the waist size for a perfect fit.

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