S042 Blue (3-6y)

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  • Lightweight Technology
  • Soft Sole & More Flexible
  • Thick Cushion to absorb impact & comfort
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Removable Insoles for easier washing
  • Ankle Cushion
  • Slip-On Design
  • Also available in Black 
  • 3 Months Warranty

Raf Raf Bratz's latest Lightweight Technology makes our shoes much lighter than ever. Soles are now softer and more flexible. Raf Raf Shoes have just become more comfortable now. Comes with thick insole & ankle cushioning for added comfort.

Designed to be extremely lightweight, soft and comfortable, this "Easy to Wear" series are getting popular with kids and parents alike due to its contemporary design. The shoe's flat base provides good stability, and the soft sole bends really well for an unhindered gait. Adding the fact that it is very light, this makes it an ideal choice as your preschooler's play shoes. Comes with ankle cushion for added support, grip and comfort.

Inspired by children book's creative artwork, this design features different art print on both sides of shoes. It helps the child to differentiate which shoe is left side, which is right. Have you experienced your kid wearing wrong sided shoes?

No Fuss, Easy to Wear and it's easy to teach your child to wear the shoes themselves. We simply tell them froggy is on the left side, and rainbow on the right.

P.S.: Additional teaching material: Frogs always comes out during rainy days. Rainbows tend to come out after rain passes..

- Raf Raf's latest Lightweight Technology for children shoes
Signature Soft-Flexi Soles
Thick Cushion and Removable Insole (to wash)

Stitched Soles for longer lasting durability
Flat Base for added Stability
- Non-slip Rubber Outsole
- Easy to Wear, Slip-On design
- Suitable for both boys and girls

Raf Raf is focused on creating quality shoes with affordable prices. Therefore Raf Raf shoes comes with a 3 months Warranty against major tearing or damage to fabric or rubber outsole stitching. 

Children, on average, runs much more than adults do. Especially when they're having fun. The normal wear & tear in children's shoes are a lot more extensive than adults, in those short few months.  Thus durable shoes are a necessity and many fans of Raf Raf would attest to our enduring quality. That's why we would dare to offer a Warranty to customers, when nobody else would. 

Comfort is another reason why more and more people loves us. Simply press on the insole with your thumbs to feel the cushion that Raf Raf shoes offers. It's the reason why children themselves will instinctively reach out to our shoes despite the many other shoes available in their home shoe racks. Comfort is guaranteed with Raf Raf Shoes.

Raf Raf Soft Sole Shoes. Product of Singapore since 2012.

Comfort Guaranteed

 *Don't worry about Size. Our Customer Service will work with you to find the right size for your child. Our method is simple and effective at helping you find the appropriate size for your child. You can check with the size chart here.

Raf Raf Shoes go by European size. To choose the right size,

  1. Measure your child’s (longer) foot from longest toe to heel in centimetres.
  2. For 1-3 years old, add 1cm for allowance. This is enough allowance even for socks.
  3. For 3-6 years old, add 1cm to 1.5cm for wriggling room. 
  4. Check the size chart for the corresponding EUR size.
  5. If you are still unsure, please feel free to email us at customer@rafrafbaby.com.
    Our customer support will be happy to help you.